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14.08.2017 ру. asura's wrath. asura's wrath pc. 14.08.2017 ру.Quebec has a motto: “Je me souviens.” I remember. On the afternoon of Oct. 21, 1945, the Canadian Army’s 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion was deployed to the liberation of Dieppe. In the city’s harbour, the fighting had begun. The drop was made in bad weather and heavy rain, and as the battalion commander, Major E.J.L. Fréchette, led his men from the amphibious flotilla on to the shore, soldiers were falling. The Germans had sown mines, and Canadians — wounded, frightened, soaking — found themselves stumbling over corpses. The harbour was “a terrific scene of carnage,” Fréchette wrote. Some men, he said, couldn’t even see the ground ahead of them. Cpl. William Lockhart fell first, then two men who were with him. The four men hit an obstacle. “It was just the top of a post,” Fréchette remembered. “It didn’t hurt us, but we dived down and rolled away from it.” Fréchette said he soon found out that there were two others, one of whom had been killed. There were more mines to be accounted for, and the lieutenant colonel and most of his men were lost. The battalion was down to barely 200 men. Major Fréchette, who went on to become a prominent author and essayist, and who today is 103 years old, told me of his memory of the day in an interview in his book, The Surrender at Dieppe: A History of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. “The Germans had their defenders in the castle,” Fréchette said, “and we just walked down to the beach, jumped over a ditch and started walking up the hill. There was a major German counterattack, which was repulsed and the battalion then got the freedom of the port.” “Just after we got the port,” he said, “I saw a German soldier running down the street and I remember thinking he looked very young. So I stopped him and asked, ‘Young man, where are you from?’




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Asuras Wrath Pc Torrent 77

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